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South Boston Real Estate Development Services

Successful real estate developments require:  industry, community and government knowledge; financing ability; product desirability; comprehensive market programming; and a highly skilled sales force.

MCM Properties distinguishes itself from most by providing these specialized key services.

Site Location
MCM inventories and tracks large parcel sites, multi-parcel sites as well as large industrial, commercial and residential properties. MCM adds value because of the firm's own development experience, its experience in working with large scale developments and its creativity in assemblage of real estate opportunities. MCM knows what both the community will support and the site can accommodate.

Project Design
MCM's thirty years of positive interaction with the South Boston community coupled with its 'buy-side' knowledge adds significant value to project design discussions. MCM knows what the buyer wants, demands and ultimately will buy.

Community and Government Relations
With over a decade of active membership on several key neighborhood planning committees and civic organizations, MCM enjoys a longstanding professional relationship with many local South Boston opinion leaders as well as government officials, appointed and elected. Over time, MCM has promoted and opposed real estate developments and other projects and has a consistent record of candor and fairness, giving the firm acknowledged credibility when participating in public forums.

Development Financing
Money is the mother's milk of real estate development. MCM's reputation for effective selling strategies, coupled with its highly regarded opinion of value presentation, has significant influence on commercial and community bankers as well as private financiers and mortgage companies, many of whom MCM has done business with over its 30 year history.

Marketing Programs
MCM marketing programs have been credited with being the 'differential' for owners in both strong and weak real estate markets. MCM has the capacity to underwrite and sustain each aspect of the marketing effort including - print and broadcast media as well as programs to target select buyers such as 1031 swaps and corporate re-location prospects.

Sales Force
Many of the members of MCM's sales team have been associated with the company for over 10 years. Staff is regularly enhanced by the hiring of both new and veteran sales agents. The principal, Maryann McLeod Crush  has led the sales efforts for some of the neighborhood's most successful and profitable transactions.

Affordable Housing Component
MCM has championed this important element of the development project and has been the affordable housing advisor and agency of choice for several major developers in the South Boston area since 1998. The MCM team is expert in this area. MCM understands and has helped to refine the 'processes' for marketing, selling and closing affordable housing units.

End Loan Financing
Successful real estate projects are those which address the range of financing needs, in advance. MCM has longstanding relationships with lenders at every phase of a project. Financing an end buyer often requires contingency options, in addition to traditional methods, which MCM can facilitate.

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